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WiseEye Mini Cam

WiseEye Mini Cam

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  • Automatic Species Recognition of Pictures and Videos
  • Largest Cellular Images
  • Activity Charts and Graphs
  • Best Time Hunt Predictor
  • Supports Up To a 32GB class 10 SD Card
  • See Only the Images You Want to See
  • Accurate Weather Data based on Mini Cam’s location
  • No GPS
  • 0.6 Second Trigger Speed
  • 16 Megapixel Image Sensor
  • Long Range Cellular Antenna
  • 65ft. IR Flash
  • Simple Data Plans (See Below)
  • Comes with PredictaBuck by HuntControl- The Best Hunting Software Out There

    Simply a Better Trail Camera.

    Automatic Species and Antler Recognition in Pictures and VIDEOS
    WiseEye was the first company in the outdoor market to introduce Species Recognition technology. We did it in our feeders years before other companies even knew it existed. Because of this we have the best deer recognition in the industry. We automatically sort out the images from your Mini Cam based on species such as Deer, Hog and Turkey. You only have to look at the images you want to see and never have to see the others again. We even FIND ANTLERS automatically in many of your deer images.

    Largest Cellular Images
    Most Cellular Cameras limit or compress your images to very small grainy images that look terrible. They do this so they can force you to request a large HD image, which costs extra. NOT WITH THE Mini Cam! Our images are the largest transmitted cellular images in the industry, often 2-5 times bigger than the competition.

    Activity Charts and Graphs
    With our Patent Pending PredictaBuck management system (by HuntControl) – you can take your images and begin to create activity charts and data to better illustrate the deer movement at your location. Want to see how wind direction affects your deer, no problem. We can show you how many different factors will affect your deer such as: time of day, time of the month, temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, moon phase and more!

    Best Time Hunt Predictor
    The best and simplest part of all is we take all of that information in your activity charts and graphs and combine it and simplify it into our Best Time Hunt Predictor. It identifies the best time to find deer at that camera location.

    See Only the Images You Want to See
    Want to have every picture your camera takes sent your phone? No Problem. Want to see only the deer images? No Problem. Prefer to only get a daily or weekly report that shows you the numbers? No Problem. You get full control of your scouting with Mini Cam.

    Simple Data Plan
    Data Plans for cellular cameras are complicated and full of fine print, That’s not the case for Mini Cam. We have one price that covers all of the data and storage you will need. Need to add additional cameras? No Problem. The new camera will get its own set of images and won’t have to share with the first one.

    Accurate Weather Data based on Mini Cam’s location
    Set your cameras location in PredictaBuck, and get the most up to date and accurate weather and lunar information for that location. We use only the best weather data providers and give you upcoming and historical data for your location.

    Camera Features
    In addition to all of our smart features, the Mini Cam is a great trail camera on its own. Some of it’s features include:

    • Ultra Clear Daytime/Nighttime Images
    • Videos sent to you automatically with no extra charges or requests
    • 1080P, 720P and WVGA Video options
    • 5, 10 and 15 second video options
    • Battery Voltage readings for internal and external power sources
    • 65 ft. IR Flash
    • 65 ft. PIR Sensor
    • Multiple flash and motion sensing modes
    • Up to 12MP images stored on the SD card.
    • Long Range Cellular Antenna
    • Solar Panel / 12V Exterior Power Connector Power Pack
    • Many More!

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